In this world of technological advancement and information abundance, the knowledge students gain is often difficult to reconcile. Whatever they are learning, be it mathematics, psychology, celebrity gossip, or the historiography of the fall of the Roman empire, students need a way to make sense of all these different forms of content—a way to structure and integrate the small, discrete parcels of knowledge, which this contemporary age foists upon them.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) at LTC assists students in developing these skills. Its content offers a “way of thinking that explores the nature and communication of knowledge and related concepts” and its teaching is challenging, engaging, and relevant. In this way, TOK nurtures curiosity, encourages life-long learning, and emboldens LTC students to strive for a life that they believe authentic and valuable.

In 2013, TOK will run as an R Unit on Thursday afternoons, 1pm-3pm. In Semester 1, students will be introduced to the big questions of philosophy in a way that is continuous with their own lives. They will learn about the significance (to them and to human history!) of philosophical questions and philosophical thinking. And they will reflect critically on a range of ways of constructing and interpreting knowledge.

TOK is currently taught by Zid from the Business & Social Sciences Faculty. Give him a shout if you’d like more information about the course.