As a short pick me up, it’s commencement season in America which means that there are a bunch of people graduating from America universities and there are a bunch of people who are speaking at those graduations. I’m obsessed with these. Primarily because it’s one of the few times really influential people will say things deeply inspiring and make me want to be them more. Alternatively, it’s also because whether you’re graduating from primary school, high school, college, or university, you’re on the precipice of a new stage in your life and the feeling is the same, the problems you’re having, racking your brain about choices and decisions and life is very similar. Sit back and enjoy.

Michelle Obama
She’s my idol. She speaks truth to trouble and makes you feel like she gets your pain.

David Foster Wallace
This guy is an incredible writer – unfortunately, recently having passed. It’s from a little bit ago but he’s enrapturing.

Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama makes lame jokes about studying but talks about our need to create meaningful lives. He’s cray (but awesome).