the cat in the hatRemember back to your childhood with Dr Seuss and The Cat in the Hat. The cat comes from no where and throws two kids’ lives, Sally’s and Sam’s, into a crazy mess. Let’s read this philosophically though. Isn’t this actually a story about trust? Sally’s and Sam’s mother trusted them both not to let strangers in the house. Sally and Sam trusted the Cat enough to let it in and  do crazy things. I guess it’s also a story about responsibility, right? Who had responsibility? How do we give people responsibility?

But wait… it’s just The Cat in the Hat.
We’re over thinking it here, aren’t we?

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the-story-of-ferdinand-book-coverThis is all part of a greater initiative bringing philosophy into primary schools. After 7 weeks of philosophizing yourself, do you think trying to get philosophy in schools at a younger age is a good thing? (I’m in favour of it, but after all, I’m a philosophy teacher so it’s good for job prospects!)

Here’s another blog philsophizing one of my favourite picture books: The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. I’ll bring it in if you’d all like to read it. It’s about a bull who like to smell flowers.

What the, yeah I know.

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