Thank you everyone who participated in class today. Thank you also to all of you playing at home, following Theory of LTC in your own time.

This week’s focus question is:

What is art? What is beauty? Why do they move us so?

Please leave a comment below with your answer. Don’t be afraid to respond to other people’s answers in your own.

Remember the two rules: Use your initials instead of your real name and enjoy the ride!

Here are a couple of quotes from two of my many favourite writers to get you started.

austere walls which students’ hands have arabesque with outsize capital writing and detailed graffiti, just as the cavemen felt the need to decorate the cold walls of their caves to become masters of the tormenting mineral alienness, to make them familiar, empty them into their own inner space, annex them to the physical reality of living.

– Italo Calvino

there is indeed a lack of a firm edge and defined target to what we do, however hard some may work to disguise the fact. Perhaps this is a scandal, perhaps it is a strength. But in either case it makes any attempt to characterize the field synoptically something of an exercise in special pleading

– Clifford Geertz