Thank you everyone who participated in class today. Thank you also to all of you playing at home, following Theory of LTC in your own time.

This week’s focus question is:

Why, despite the problems of knowledge, do we act as if things are true?

Please leave a comment below with your answer. Don’t be afraid to respond to other people’s answers in your own.

Remember the two rules: Use your initials instead of your real name and enjoy the ride!

Here are a couple of quotes from two of my many favourite writers to get you started.

I am here… Here means on this earth, on this continent and no other, and in this epoch I call mine, this century, this year. I was given no other place, no other time, and I touch my desk to defend myself against the feeling that my own body is transient.

Czeslaw Milosz

But how small and transitory is my place in this vastness! How quickly the earth, the road, the sky outrun me in every direction! And yet I do not live as though my life were without significance. I feel as I have always felt, that I am going somewhere despite the difficult terrain, the adverse weather, the times I lose my way. And I have a strong sense that my own life is connected to the lives of those behind, around, and ahead of me. It may be illusory, but without the possibility of conversations and interactions with others, including people in societies remote from the one in which I was born and raised, I would not press on.

– M. Jackson